June Blessing

So, how could research on business value take me to "Organizing for Innovation"? Good question! As I started to develop the concept of "What is business value today?", it led me to questions like "Value to whom - the employee, the stakeholder, stockholders, or some nebulous entity?" As I narrowed my focus more on government contractors and agencies, what I found was most of these organizations tend to value industrial ideals from the late 1990s like compliance, predictability, and efficiency. And, while these concepts had their place in establishing the IT industry of today, they are just table stakes. Today, what's far more important is what an organization and its people can do with the resources they have—what they enable and what they help others create or solve

Take a moment and download this book from Jim Whitehurst (Senior Advisor and former President, IBM, and former President and CEO, Red Hat) - Organize for Innovation, Rethinking how we Work.